Photo by @lucyartdrop

Photo by @lucyartdrop

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Fall Haul: Thrifting, Uplifting, & More!

Fall Haul: Thrifting, Uplifting, & More!

Fall is officially here in Montreal, and with it has come amazing and irresistible deals. To prepare for midterms, I had to fill my void with online shopping- yes, Amazon Prime is now OFFICIALLY in Quebec (bless up)! This months purchases were very much so inspired by many friends and family members, but we will get to that later. 


Aromacare Essential Oils


Gearing up for school, my younger sister Eve and I went to the website of our favorite planning guru- Erin Condren. We stumbled upon the Academic Planner, which has the perfect tools to keep you organized and on top of all your assignments and classes. With all of the back pain I experience, I have wanted to lessen the weight I carry to school, so I also got a threepack of these nice and thin Moleskine notebooks in pale yellow (pictured above with a Glossier sticker), pink, and purple. Side note: I have been using Glossier's Universal Balm Dot Calm in rose since my friend Lucy recommended it to me- 10/10 would recommend. 

Shop Erin Condren's Academic Planner

Shop Moleskine Journals

Shop Glossier Balm Dot Calm (stickers included!)

This brush soap is AMAZING! I am obsessed. First of all, the company is a very sex positive, trans inclusive, and body positive company. They are always aiming to normalize bodies of all gender identities and sexes. I love to support small businesses like Bitch Slap Cosmetics when we share such similar values. My brushes thank you, BSC! Thanks for being so inclusive and hilarious- check their Instagram for amazing memes, highlighters, other brush soaps, and more!


Shop the Vajj Brush Soap



ASOS DAY LIGHT Lace Up Trainers

This pale yellow cap is from my dad, who is my biggest fashion inspiration of all. SLS stands for Street League Skateboarding which hosts many professional skateboarding competitions on a domestic and international scale. This information should give you a hint into what my dad's style is like- sleek, clean, and professional,  with a little bit of that skate culture influence. 

Shop Street League Skateboarding Merch

The bag in the background is Rip N Dip. They had a pop up shop in LA and the bag was free! They currently have a New York Location as well. 

Check out Rip N Dip



Shout out to my girl Daniela- these essential oils are unreal. I recently have been struggling a bit with motivation when I need it the most, and Daniela suggested that I put a bit of peppermint essential oil behind my ears to perk me up. It helped me so much on my first essay of the semester, and the lavender and lemongrass is so relieving for my lower back pain, neck soreness, and menstrual cramps. I cannot recommend these essential oils more, each one has its own health benefits and I can't wait to use them all! 

Shop Aromacare Essential Oils


Erin Condren planner, Glossier sticker, and Moleskinenotebook


Makeup Brush Soap by Bitch Slap Cosmetics


These platform sneakers have been more than surprising for me thus far. ASOS brand really kills it with their shoes, I must confess! I was originally thinking of getting the Fenty x Rihanna black velvet creepers, this is the college budget version of that- $26 US! Oh, and I had the most frustrating experience trying to get those limited edition babies... but thats another story for another time! They are still my dream shoes though... If anyone reading this happens to be selling those in a size 10 W, hit those DMs!!!!

Shop ASOS DAY LIGHT Lace Up Trainers



Both of these black tanks and the Wrangler jeans were bought from a vintage pop up in Montreal. Montreal's thrifting culture is quite extensive and absolutely college level pricing. I would just like to take a moment to thank all of the old ladies who have donated their fur coats to Salvation Army, you have blessed my entire girl squad.