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Photo by @lucyartdrop

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10 Days of Fenty Beauty: Mourning the Loss of Green in Fall

10 Days of Fenty Beauty: Mourning the Loss of Green in Fall


Day 1:

10 days of your favorite Bad Gal Rih Product Looks

So for those of you who do not follow me on Instagram, you should! I have been struggling recently to get motivated to do my makeup so I asked my Instagram followers if they would like me to do 10 days of Fenty Beauty looks. 

Needless to say, I was pleased when so many of them used the new poll function of Instagram!

A little while ago, I did a livestream of my first impression of the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette and Match Stix Trio in Medium 200. My general conclusion was that I love all of the products. If you lovelies are interested in seeing images from that look, leave a comment below saying so! 

Now lets get down to it! Today's look was inspired by the transitioning from summer to fall, which has been a delayed transition in Montreal! The view outside of my dining room window is absolutely gorgeous right now. 


Every morning, I wake up and have my morning matcha or coffee to this! 

As soon as I woke up this morning, I knew that I wanted to use the color Sublime from the Galaxy Palette as the dominant shadow on my eyes. I went in with Sublime all over the lid with a basic flat eyeshadow brush to pack on the product. The glitter and shine of the Galaxy Palette is gorgeous, but in order for the dominant color to show in the lighter shades, you definitely need to heavily apply the product.

On the outer corners of the lid, I decided to add a few complimentary, darker greens from my Coastal Scents Cosmetics Palette- one a more camouflage green in the corner and into the crease, another brighter, more teal tinted green below, near the lash line. I finished off the look with my favorite tinted brow gel Gimme Brow from Benefit and Great Lash mascara from Maybelline. 


Next, I used the Match Stix Contour in mocha just under my cheek bones, along my hair line, and down the sides and in the creases below the tip of my nose. I blended using my Elf Cosmetics contouring brush.

When applying the concealer in the shade bamboo, I made triangle shapes under the eyes and applied three lines along the nose and under the contour on both sides of the cheeks. With the concealer, I like to use my middle finger to blend the product in short, dabbing motions.

I topped off the look with the highlighter of the Match Stix Trio in trippin along the nose, the v of the lips, and the top of the cheeks. Because of trippin's pinky tone, I also like to apply it on the apples of the cheeks like blush! Who will complain about a little extra glow?!

I love using the Match Stix Trio because it is a really breathable formula and blends super well into my skin. Also, if you know me, you know that I LOVE Rihanna. 


That's all. Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or requests for the next 9 days of Fenty beauty! 

10 Days of Fenty Beauty: Beaches be #Trippin

10 Days of Fenty Beauty: Beaches be #Trippin

Ulrikke Falch, "Skam" Star, Redefines Beauty on Instagram

Ulrikke Falch, "Skam" Star, Redefines Beauty on Instagram